Sarah channeling on the time of the coronavirus

Channeling Sarah 18/4/2020
Welcome I am Sarah. 
As you have been feeling this is a time of great light coming in, and as you have also felt the light and the darkness is, as a polarity, in balance. The vibrations of the planet are raising, and humanity is going through a great time of change. Notice the word ‘great’ keeps occurring here, because this is something that occurs only once in a millennia. More and more people are waking up to my energies, some who are more sensitive are aware that it is me, others just notice a presence of fresh life force and hope in their lives, even in this time of difficulty. I am able now to step more in to the world as it is, I am more able to be present in your day to day consciousness and in the world paradigm. There is more space for me to come in and to be in. I, as I have discussed with you many times, represent an archetypal force of the Divine. It is not ‘my’ energy, but one that I am an archetypal window for. When people ‘look’ at me, or focus on me in some way, they are able to access this archetypal force. This force can be described as oneness consciousness, or cosmic consciousness – ‘in me, there is no separation’. When you connect to my energy, ‘all things within you start to come into oneness, in sympathetic vibration. This includes your lower and higher self. Right now you are experiencing the speeding up of this process. I am a catalyst, & where I am present, these processes happen with more speed. When you are ready for the process of becoming one with your higher and lower self, I will be there. When you need to take a break, I will step back, but will remain at your side. This is why so many of you are feeling me so intensely right now, I am facilitating this process. 
Right now the earth is surrounded by a corona of violet flame which is burning off that which is no longer necessary. This is for the earth, and for humanity, & for all that is in physical existence on the earth (this includes all of the plant, animal, crystal/stone and elemental kingdoms.) As light codes come into you from the sun, and the stars and galaxy around you, the whole earth is going through a process of enlightenment, or of being ‘lifted up’. Many of those passing are taking ancestral heavy energies with them as they pass, as all people do when they die – but right now, this effect is more pronounced, and so each day the earth is carrying a less heavy burdensome energy. I do not say these things to lack compassion, or to say that it is a good thing that so many are passing in this way, but I say it because it is so, these are the metaphysics of the situation, if you will. In the midst of darkness, many have found peace, many souls have been lifted up to a vibration of the light that has never before been achieved, and this includes those who are passing, as well of those living right now; it also includes ‘awakened’ and ‘unawakened’ souls. Those who are passing, are not remaining earthbound, they are moving swiftly to the next place on their journey. They are supported by the outpouring of love and compassion that is there for them from the collective, they are able to draw sustenance from this, to know that they are cared for, and there are many, many angels supporting each person that passes over. 
The light vibration that your galaxy is currently passing through, is of such a refined and high vibration just now, that it supports many processes that only a short while ago would have been impossible. Many of you have been brought on line by this ‘cloud of enlightenment’ that you are passing through in space, and many Ascended master guides, angels and light beings are taking this opportunity to do work that supports the growth of the planet and of all life upon the planet. Such an outpouring of light happens only once in a millenia as I mentioned before and it is happening now. Do everything you can to soak it up. 
Remember that you are blessed, even though from the outward appearance it may not appear this way for all of you. No matter what the situation is in your life right now, just being present upon the planet as a lifeform at this moment in the history of the earth, gives you a light quota that is available to your soul and your souls development. Your soul will remember this matrix of light that is on the earth right now, and will be able to use it in future incarnations, even those who pass will be able to do this. It is an ability to access the light, no matter what the outer conditions are, no matter how dark and how heavy. This light matrix is Divine Grace in energy form that is flowing through all of your energy bodies, and as I said, once experienced by the soul, then that soul will always be able to access this ‘light grid of grace’, even in future incarnations. It is one of the Divine’s tools to keep the balance of the light and dark on the earth right now. Organically, there is a lot of heavy energy on the earth that needs to be cleaned up right now. You are all becoming master workers, and this is your task now, to always access the light, and bring it into the darkness. Not to raise one above the other, but to join them together. All is one, all is the divine, all is well.
I am Sarah and these are the words I would wish to speak to you this day, blessed be, blessed be, blessed be, Amen.
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Rachel Goodwin is a channel & healer working with the Ascended Master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene & Master Jesus.
Sarah is an ascended master guide for the Age of Aquarius and is working with the Earth and humanity to assist us in our process of ascension. Rachel lives in Denmark where she works with an Ascension grid in the sacred town of Roskilde. For more info go to

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