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Who is Ascended Master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene and Master Jesus?

Controversy has stalked me since I first channelled the words, ‘Welcome sisters, I am one of the lady ascended masters, and my name is Sarah. I was daughter to Mary Magdalene...’ I hadn’t been expecting a message from Sarah. I was facilitating a group working with a very special earth energy vortex at the Place of Refuge on the Big Island of Hawaii, and had opened up to channel a message about it. Before this, I hadn’t had any contact with Sarah, she wasn’t someone I had ‘believed in’ or even had any particular interest in! … But when you’re channelling, if you don’t speak the first words that come through, then you don’t get any more information, and I had an expectant group of women sitting around me! So even though I was a bit self-conscious about channelling someone I knew nothing about, I could feel her energy was pretty amazing, and I decided in that moment to go on.. Sarah came through and I loved her energy. It swept me up and did things to my heart centre and my consciousness…

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