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Are you ready for the new vibration of the Divine Masculine

There has been so much coming through about the Divine Masculine this year, alot of messages about 'yes the divine feminine is great, but now is time to let go and release the wounds from the toxic masculinity that has been present, and that there's a new frequency of the divine masculine coming in' - BUT there's work to be done on the Divine Feminine side, this isn't going to happen without us, we have to be a part of it, it can't come in without us. We have to embrace the masculine, it has to come THROUGH us in a way... we have to hold the space, we have to embrace the new masculine vibrations coming in - which means for many of us that we have more release & forgiveness work to do, and letting go of the past!! We can't move forward whilst holding onto the hurts and wounds of the past that the toxic masculinity and the patriarchal systems have caused.** I've been thinking about all these things for years, and especially the last few months it's

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