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Be a Sarah and the Angels healer!!

  Would you like to become a healer working with Ascended Master Sarah & her host of Angels?! I'm so excited to be able to share this healing system with you - it's specifically for the New Age of Aquarius! The energies are just beautiful, and we have really been blessed that Sarah has given us ways of connecting to these energies, for self-healing and for working with others... " Thank you for this Rachel! It is wonderful. As soon as I opened the link I felt Sarah’s energy. It is amazing. I’ve just done the exercises again and they are so powerful. Thank you, thank you, thank you The feedback again is - Thank you SO much. The whole of this course is incredible. It is such a blessing to be given the opportunity to work so closely to Sarah. Thank you Rachel." These are online initiations into Sarah & the Angels Healing system, so you can use it for self-healing or for clients. Some previous experience of healing is helpful. If you would like to experien

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