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Sarah lift me from this place channeling

This is one of the Sarah channelings from the archives that has a powerful message for us 'in the darkest hour', and I entitled it 'Sarah, lift me from this place' because I have used this teaching during times in my life where I had lost all hope and it helped me very very quickly. I wanted to share it now because I know many people are in difficult situations, and stress levels are at an all time high, and I thought some of you could find it helpful too.
Bright Blessings, Rachel. 💕💕
Sarah refers specifically to God and also quotes the Bible, but in other channelings she quotes Hinduism and other religions - she is not religion specific, but belongs to us all...
'Welcome all, I am Sarah.
Firstly, I would say to you that each of you that are going through your individual challenges – God is with you. God is always there, always with you. When you feel alone, and lost in the darkness, remember to reach out to the Divine. Always keep him/ her with you in your thoughts.…

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