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How I came to be a chant lover!!

This is an old blog from 2012, that I just love so am resurrecting it for us here! I loved singing when I was a child. I used to always put myself up for singing parts at school, but I never got picked! When I was a teenager, I dreamed of being in a band (well, didn’t we all!!) and singing, singing, singing all day long!! But oh dear, no-one ever told me I had a nice voice, I really wanted to sing, & I enjoyed it SO much! So I guessed that my deepest fear must be true, I couldn’t sing! There went my singing ambitions. I felt silly for ever thinking I could sing. Once a year at Christmas I would try and get to a carole service, and would love, love, love singing all those wonderful tunes that made my heart sing and brought me so much joy. If I didn’t have time, I would really miss going. So the years went by. I had my son, and was a stay at home mother. I got used to being at home, and found that I was getting more and more introverted, even finding it hard to go out and speak to pe

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