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Brain Activation!!!

Sarah has been asking me for a while to do this, but I've held off until now - brain activation I'm thinking... really?! But rational thoughts aside, I am being propelled to do this, we need it, it's needed, our brains need it. What am I going to do? Well, I'm just going to jump in feet first and get on with it. The full moon is in Libra, which helps us achieve balance - and our brain waves are longing to get back to some sort of harmony....This will be a purely channeled ONE HOUR session. There will be toning, light language from Sarah, her host of Angels, and Gaia, as well as any channeled words of wisdom that want to come through. And of course, I will be there to offer my thoughts on the process, and share the feedback that's coming through from you all. This is the first time I've tried this, but it seems - NOW IS THE TIME!! Join me in another New Earth, New Age of Aquarius, 5D adventure! Many bright Sarah blessings from Rachel! CLICK ON THIS PAYMENT LINK T

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