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Dreaming the world into being | a response to the Coronavirus

I've been remembering an old exercise that we used to do in a 'Creating the New Earth' group before 2012. It's very simple but really powerful and is for 'dreaming a new dream' for humanity and the earth.
When I remembered this exercise, I had this feeling that right now is the time for us to dig deep and remember everything that we've learnt so far. Use all of the tools in our tool box. Also the rune 'Naud' was there in my head, this is the 'need' rune, and one of it's meanings can be expressed as 'necessity is the mother of invention'. We need to get inventing to find ways to work together to create what we need in the fabric of the dreamtime, before it can manifest on the earth.
Before this current crisis with the corona virus, was the ever increasing environmental and ecological crisis, and the political (what to call that?!) mess. And this is what we found out many years ago when we worked with this exercise - whatever it i…

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