Who is Ascended Master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene and Master Jesus?

Controversy has stalked me since I first channelled the words, ‘Welcome sisters, I am one of the lady ascended masters, and my name is Sarah. I was daughter to Mary Magdalene...’ I hadn’t been expecting a message from Sarah. I was facilitating a group working with a very special earth energy vortex at the Place of Refuge on the Big Island of Hawaii, and had opened up to channel a message about it. Before this, I hadn’t had any contact with Sarah, she wasn’t someone I had ‘believed in’ or even had any particular interest in! … But when you’re channelling, if you don’t speak the first words that come through, then you don’t get any more information, and I had an expectant group of women sitting around me! So even though I was a bit self-conscious about channelling someone I knew nothing about, I could feel her energy was pretty amazing, and I decided in that moment to go on.. Sarah came through and I loved her energy. It swept me up and did things to my heart centre and my consciousness that no other energy had done before - and so I’ve never looked back. But yes, going back to the controversy!! Recently I shared on social media one of the YouTube videos I made about Sarah and a response was, ‘Wtf is going on?????????????! Where did you get this information from? Jesus Christ in Heaven. Who, what, where, what??? Jesus had a mission, and one, was that He was to be celibate, because He had a mission. Sarah, where the hell did SHE come from? Or did I just enter the twilight zone?’
And this is one of the politer comments I’ve had over the years! It can be a difficult thing when religion becomes involved, and people’s beliefs are impacted on. For me Sarah has nothing to do with religion, as although I walk a spiritual path, I don’t personally ascribe to any one religion. Sarah isn’t someone that I ‘believe in’, but she is more a phenomenon that I experience. And I have been compelled to work with Sarah, and you can read on to find out why!
That first channeling was in 2006, and Sarah has stayed with me ever since, and her presence is never far away. Sarah often teaches me through direct revelation, or sometimes words appear in my head, and sometimes through signs and omens. When my life path has been full of hard bumpy roads, and I’ve hit rock bottom, Sarah has been the one who comes to the fore, and offers her healing energy and clear vision. Sarah teaches how to get yourSelf out of the mire, by bringing in the light and integrating it with all the muck to hoist yourself up to the next level of vibration! She is an invaluable ally & mentor, and I've been motivated to share this with other people through individual channeled sessions, Sarah initiations, and online courses and classes. All of these things together have given me an insight and perspective into her ‘mission’ here on the earth, which I want to talk about in this article. Everything that I’ve included here is based on my personal experience and is my own understanding of Sarah and her work. I’m not presenting it here as ‘the truth’, but rather am sharing with you how I have come to understand her and her work… The quotes in italics are from channelings that I’ve brought through from Sarah.

Sarah’s energy is pure, powerful and unique
‘My energy can be seen as the bright green of nature, the colour of spring, new leaves growing on the branches, abundant growth… I represent the sacred Divinity which is within each of us’ (the transcendent spark within each of us, that conversely also exists outside of manifest creation.)
Sarah represents both of these things, the immanent and the transcendent! She is unique, and I just love her! I have a strong ‘soul’ pull towards her that I have felt since the first moment that she stepped on the scene. That’s the way it is for many people who write to me, saying that they feel such a strong calling, but don’t know why.
There has been a lot of interest generated over the years in stories about Jesus’s bloodline, starting with books such as ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail’, and later bestsellers such as Dan Browns ‘The Da Vinci code’, which put the idea into the mainstream. BUT…

Sarah is more than just a myth or a nice story
Sarah has a mission and is here to support us in our evolutionary journey of ascension! The energy that she carries is catalytic – when we connect with her, her energy instantly has an effect on us, and our light bodies start to change. Sarah is a new ascended master teacher for the New Age of Aquarius/ the Golden Age and is here to work with us, teaching us new technologies about our energy bodies and how to work with it, as well as how to work with the energy systems of the earth!
‘I have come to tell you of my news, that I am returned here once again, not in physical form, but through conduits, sources of energy, through the hearts of mankind, my light, my power is being given birth to on earth. This birth is happening as we speak, as you read these words, my love, my light, the power that I represent is manifesting onto the physical planes. Open your hearts and breathe me in, I am there already, lying dormant, waiting to be awakened.’

Sarah holds the Christlight in Unity Consciousness
Sarah holds the energy of oneness, she is the Divine Feminine, and the Divine Masculine brought together as one - in her there is no separation. She holds the Christlight in unity consciousness – but what does this mean?
In her, all things are integrated. The dark and the light, the male and the female, the conscious and the unconscious. Her energy has a magnetic quality (a female quality) returning the lost parts of ourselves* but with conscious awareness; meaning that we know what is being returned to us and why (a male quality.) ‘No-one can prove of whether or not I ever existed upon the earth, but as a concept of an energy borne from the sacred union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, I am most believable! I am the awesome power of my Father, and the awesome love of my Mother combined to make a third most incredible power.’
Where these two things are held together - the divine masculine and feminine (divine opposites), out of this tension is born a 3rd energy, and this is what the New Earth is being created from.

* When we call on her power, everything within us that is split off from us starts to journey back from whence it came! This could include lost soul parts, repressed parts of ourselves, twin souls, our shadow side, etc. 
This is a whole subject in itself, but one very practical use is that she is very good to call on for doing therapeutic healing work for ourselves, or for others. Years ago, when I was a psychiatric nurse, I trained in group analytical psychotherapy and also had several years of my own therapy. Through experiencing these sessions, I learnt the power of ‘integrating’ dificult experiences and emotions. As a sensitive, I became aware of the energy that a good therapist brings in. The best way I can describe this energy is that a groundedness comes into the room, and also one becomes more aware of ones own emotions, thoughts and feelings - in fact one becomes more present to oneself! When we call in Sarah, and her presence enters the room, this is very much the same as having the presence and support of a very good and experienced therapist in the room, and the likelihood of ‘coming into wholeness’ is very much increased!

Sarah is present in the etheric
Sarah is a presence on the earth right now; she is here on the earth, manifested in/on the etheric plane. This is unusual for an ascended master, and reflects her special role in helping us with the evolution of our light bodies and also that of the earth grid* – it also means that she is very accessible! 
‘Greetings, greetings, arise, arise. I have come, I have come, I am here, I am here. My love, my light, pouring through the earth. Can you hear, can you hear, the sound of my footsteps as I dance my way across the earth? I am jubilant, I am in praise of all that is, I am in love with all, in love with life. I am, I am, I am. Blessed ones, I bring you the news, I am here, I am here, I am here. Jubilations to all, I resound my joy in circles of power across the earth.’
* By referring to the earth grid, I mean the crystalline/new earth/golden age grid structure, which is a 5th dimensional ley line system currently being rebuilt on the earth, and which needs to be in place for the ‘new golden age.’

Sarah is an Ascended Master teacher for the New Age
Sarah is stepping forward as an Ascended Master teacher for many. Her energy acts as an evolutionary catalyst, and some people may just need a ‘burst’ of her energy at a specific time in their life to shift them where they need to be – but there are others, who have agreed in their soul contract to work specifically on Sarah’s agenda and ‘life purpose’. For these people, Sarah is available as an Ascended Master teacher/ mentor. Sarah is also useful to Starseeds, as her cosmic energy can connect with their cosmic energy, and helping to bring them 'down to earth', and grounding their much needed starseed light.
One of the reasons why Sarah is here right now at this point in our evolution is because humanity needs to integrate the higher and lower self. Sarah’s ability to unify and to integrate all that is, lends us the quality of energy we need to help us tease our higher selves down into our physical selves, and our physical bodies up into our ‘higher’ selves.
But before this can happen, we first need to do the clearing work needed (not just on ourselves, but also our ancestral lines, the cultures we live in, and also of the ‘energetic waste’ we have left on the earth.

Sarah has her own 5th dimensional vibration of the violet flame
Sarah has some ‘power tools’ to give us a bit of extra help with this great cleaning up process! She has her own vibration of the violet flame which transforms lower density energies to 5th dimensional and above. This vibration of the violet flame rapidly clears our own personal space (that we live in), and our energy bodes. Sarah has been instructing us in techniques for keeping a 5th dimensional vibration in our homes – and (for those who want to get deep into the process) in the areas of land where we live. She has also taught us how to attune sets of crystals with the violet flame. When my resistance comes up (I’m not good enough, no one is interested, you know how it goes!!) I go and get my crystals, which then shift me through the resistance and I can get on with my work. Of course, sometimes I forget to use them, and get stuck that way, but I always remember in the end. Attuning the crystals, allows us to ground these ‘higher’ energies that Sarah is bringing in, into the material plane, so that they are so easy to use and you simply need to be in physical contact with them for them to work.
Doing this work led us on a journey of discovery and adventure and Sarah gave me a whole new vision of her…

Sarah was a magickal adept
In her lifetime as ‘Sarah’, she travelled to Glastonbury (Avalon) and further studied healing and the magical arts. Through the teachings she received there, she quickly became an advanced adept. In her lifetime as Sarah, she often worked in the wilds of nature, in the forests and mountains and worked directly and powerfully with the elemental forces, the nature spirits and the spirits of the land. Sarah left a ‘footprint’ in Glastonbury of her energy (as well as other places around the world). But Sarah has also spoken about a number of lives, where she has been a ‘forest witch’. I love this description that was sent to me recently from a man in Holland that came during a Sarah meditation, (and he didn’t know anything of the forest witch images I had been receiving.) ‘Then I see Sar'h walking in some European wood, in between and after big beech trees, big grey tree trunks, all around. She walks in and out the sun rays shining through in the dimly lit forest. She is dressed in a long dark green woollen simple dress. She is bare footed, especially my attention is drawn in observing her feet, she does not walk on the mossy ground, but more or less an inch above it. (It shows that she is an ascended master, I don't know if it has a meaning beyond that.) and she is surrounded by a pack of grey wolves.’

Sarah has a host of angels
Sarah’s host of angels are always around her. They are pure whiter than white (it is a whiteness of such purity that we can’t imagine it in our limited imagination, but we can feel it in our hearts!), and these angels are too numerous to count, but we can imagine them around us in the shape of a horseshoe. They hold the purity of Sarah’s archetypal force, and it is through connection to this host of angels that Sarah ‘makes it so’- meaning that they carry out the Divine will which she is expressing. Sarah can teach us how to reach a higher level of spiritual evolution so that we can resonate to her host of angels as well!!
‘My father, performed many miracles.
I am here to light up your hearts so you can perform those miracles yourself.
Remember who you are!’

So what about the Merovingian Kings?!
Going back to Dan Brown and the stories about the bloodline and the holy grail, and the Merovingian kings. I don’t remember from reading the bible in my religious studies class that Jesus was that interested in the whole idea of kingship (In fact, I remember that he was really against the idea!), and why would it matter if his descendants were royalty or not? I’m not sure Sarah would be interested in being royal, as royalty spend most of their time tied up with the most mundane matters, (well, I’m thinking of the British royals here, as I’m British!) and having to pay a lot of attention to things that would be meaningless to many ‘spiritual’ people.
And as to the idea of Sarah herself actually being incarnated physically here - what if Sarah were walking around on the face of the earth? Would she rescue everyone, save the whole world? No, of course not. I think if Sarah were alive today, she would want to be the sort of person who could empower other people. Because we are ALL a spark of God, just as she was, and is. We are ALL here learning on our spiritual path, at different places on that path admittedly, but we all have the same destination goal. WE are the change we wish to make, and when we get all excited about Sarah and Jesus and Mary Magdalene, we can remember that WE are the ones that can rescue us and save the whole world, (with some help from Ascended teacher guides such as Sarah!) This is our job now, and what Sarah has come to remind us, and meanwhile she has some really class A ‘power tools’ to help us along the way!!
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