Prediction for 2020|There is a light coming over the earth

Sarah channeling for 2020

'Welcome I am Sarah. You are asking me about a prediction for the 2020, and this is what I would like to say.There is a light coming over the earth that can be seen as a dawn. Many of you can relate to the experience of having had a very ‘long dark night of the soul’, and now there is to be the first glimpse of the light. First of all, it will be as if your ‘eyes’ are imagining it. Is the light coming, or is it still night, and you will wonder, ‘am I just imagining this glimmer because I am looking so hard at the horizon’?!! But no, within the first few months of the next year, you will know for the certain that you are seeing the first moments of the dawn. Not the full coming of the light as yet, but enough to give you hope. Within yourself, you will feel a lifting of the heaviness that has been pressing on your soul. A certain point of achievement has been reached, a road will have been crossed, and you will know that all of your (collective) work has not been wasted.
But what does this mean in actual, pragmatic terms?
It means that now is the time for you to truly focus on clearing the world around you. There is a moment coming where the world you live in, the earth herself will be ready to shake off her old costume and will want to put on her new attire (the new earth grid). But right now, there is too much magnetic discharge to allow this to happen. Too much human energy waste from the last eon is present upon the surface of the earth, and it is mankind’s responsibility to cleanse and clear it. Many of you have successfully cleansed your own energy fields and now you are ready to move onto the next level of your evolutionary process (ascension), but you are held back by the contents of your house (the earth), which also needs the same level of cleansing that you have given yourself. This work has already been started by those who have been doing earth work, but this work needs to be done at a much greater magnitude and frequency now. The time is coming now not to focus on your own development, but to work with the areas of land around you, because you cannot develop further without bringing the earth into alignment with you.
It is not that the earth needs your help. The earth is herself already ‘ascended’ within her consciousness, but it is more that this is your time now to come into mastery, and rather than the earth doing this work ‘for you’, now is the time for humanity to ‘step up to the plate’, going beyond what you thought you were capable of, and realising that you are all star beings. The earth herself is part of the galactic cosmos, and so are you. Those who created the earth’s current energy system, are all present (in physical incarnation) on the earth again in enough numbers for the next level of earths evolutionary ‘software upgrade’ to happen again.* You are those ancestors who knew how to create the earth grid in co-creation with the earth and all of her kingdoms. You are the connector between the lower and upper worlds, between the heavenly and elemental realms. You are the ones who simply need to open up to physically receive the energies and the information you need for everything that needs to happen to happen. But - you should not do this alone. It is too big a work for an individual. Do it in groups**. Do it in co-creation with the divine and each other. Use everything you have learnt up until this point. Did you think it was all for your own spiritual development that you have come this far? No, it is not for the individual but for the evolution of the whole of humanity and for the earth, and as you move and shift upwards, you will all move together, and the earth with you. So it is.
I am Sarah and these are the words that I would wish to speak to you this day. Blessed be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Amen.' 

*Sarah is referring to the building of the new ley lines and energy systems that are the foundation of the ‘Golden Age’/Age of Aquarius.’
** These groups can be physical groups or virtual online groups.
Sarah has shown me that when the ‘new earth grid’/ 5th dimensional ley lines (or whichever language you use to describe the new energy structure that is being built and assembled and put in place) then we will be able to access the higher divine energies here physically on the earth (the ones that we are able to reach now through meditation and spiritual practices)
The oceans and seas particularly need ‘great groups’ to help cleanse them - although we should start with the areas where we live, and then once we have cleared the energies there, we can gain great power and grounding in order to move further afield, such as working with the sea. This suggested order is because we are going to working much more intensely and with greater depth than we ever have before. This work may sound intimidating to some who are aware of how much work there is to be done, and yet Sarah’s response is that it will take us less work than we imagine due to the abilities and techniques we are creating – we will see!!

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