Are you ready for the new vibration of the Divine Masculine

There has been so much coming through about the Divine Masculine this year, alot of messages about 'yes the divine feminine is great, but now is time to let go and release the wounds from the toxic masculinity that has been present, and that there's a new frequency of the divine masculine coming in' - BUT there's work to be done on the Divine Feminine side, this isn't going to happen without us, we have to be a part of it, it can't come in without us.

We have to embrace the masculine, it has to come THROUGH us in a way... we have to hold the space, we have to embrace the new masculine vibrations coming in - which means for many of us that we have more release & forgiveness work to do, and letting go of the past!! We can't move forward whilst holding onto the hurts and wounds of the past that the toxic masculinity and the patriarchal systems have caused.** I've been thinking about all these things for years, and especially the last few months it's been coming to me nearly every day! I did a 'feminine forgive the masculine' service years ago (in 2010) at St. Michaels in the UK where we could hold non-denominational services, and it was because of this channeling (you can read it down below)... I could also feel when I did the service, that it wasn't the right time - we weren't ready.

Really the channeling is about the feminine's shadow that needs bringing into the light for healing... But honestly, I feel there is forgiveness work to be done on both sides. We can do our own personal shadow work, and to a certain extent we can also do work on behalf of the collective... But I've been feeling this new fresh wave of energy coming in for the Divine Masculine (I did a card reading this week in the group, and guess what - yep, it was a Divine Masculine energy message!!) also with Mercedes Kirkels new book 'Dialogues with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene' which has just come out last month - this also has this incredible brightness of the new Divine Masculine energies that are coming in.

And then a good friend of mine, wrote to me about an amazing dream she had just had about the Tor in Glastonbury (where we activated Sarah's violet flame spiral in 2019! - this is a Violet Flame spiral that clears the landscape very gently and slowly of old or negative energies***) She dreamt that the old residual oppressive toxic and patriarchal energy was clearing, and new, clean, upgraded Divine Masculine energy was coming in from above and being anchored in down through the Tor, at Sarah's beautiful temple spiral!!!!! Such beautiful confirmation!! I am so grateful to her for sharing this dream!!

The Sarah's Violet Flame Spiral Etheric Temple at Glastonbury that we all worked on together, has been gently, gently, slowly, slowly, sending out Sarah's violet flame since we activated it in 2019, quietly doing it's thing, and now it's helping to anchor in the Divine Masculine, in all it's beauty, in all it's glory, and wonderfulness!! My friend's dream was totally laying this out, spelling it out in words - what a dream! Just incredible....

It's time to remember the beauty of the Divine Masculine, and that it needs to be loved and brought back into the world by those of us who hold the Divine Feminine energy, it needs to come through us in a way, by us holding the space, holding the Divine Masculine in our Embrace - and Sarah is The Way!! She is the Path to uniting the Divine Feminine and Masculine, in her they are One. In her, they just dissolve into dizzy loving 'madness', because they just can't help but love each other when they are in Sarah's presence! She is the expression of the Sacred Marriage, and when we call on her presence, we get to benefit through sympathetic magic and vibration as we start to resonate through her presence with that energy ourselves. What a gift!!

I will be doing another 'forgive each other' service soon in the Temple group There is a beautiful Sarah practice and chant that I teach that is just perfect for this work!!

Anyway, here's the channeling! It came through in 2010 when I was, having my time when I lived in Glastonbury for half a year!! Many special Sarah blessings to you all!!

17th September 2010
"Welcome all, I am Sarah.
There is at this time on the earth, a need for forgiveness for the last age, the Piscean Age.
In this time, there have been many transgressions against the Divine Feminine, just as in the age before that, (an age lost out of time and memory), where the Divine Feminine held sway, there were many transgressions against the Divine Masculine.
Many of you remember this time for it’s goodness in the honouring of the Divine Mother, and so it was, that there were many good things, but there was darkness too.
Many wounds are coming to the surface in each of you individually, in healing the dark times you have been through, where your gifts of seerhood and magick which are associated with the Divine Feminine were systematically torn from you, through a legacy of torture and abuse, repeated over and over again down through the ages, until they came to be no more, or very little in the cultures within which you live.
Now the Divine Feminine is re-appearing from her long absence, rising up from the depths, and making herSelf known once again, and once again she is living in you, through you, for you.
But it is not enough for you to demand recompense and justice for the wrongs which have been done to you.
To acknowledge the wounds and injustices, yes, this is needed and very much the right thing. It is truth that in this last age, these things have happened, that terrible wounds have been created, and that it was the actions of the masculine against the feminine.
Now that you can see more clearly what the wounds are, what the damage has been, so that you can start to heal and tend to what needs your loving care, now is also coming the time for you to let go of your anger over the injustices that has occurred.
If you think of a child that has been doing terrible things, that has gone astray and become monstrous in its actions – imagine now, ‘what will help this child heal?’
Would it help for this child to receive tender loving care and to be given an opportunity to see what it has done, so that a new way can be found?
Or would it help to be shouted at, and told what a terrible person it is, that it deserves to suffer for what it has done?
Deep within the unconsciousness of the feminine is this anger and urge to beat the masculine into submission, until the masculine lies weeping on the floor, saying sorry for it’s terrible transgressions, and then the feminine may take up her rightful place once again, take back her power and rise above the masculine, so that all may be kept in its rightful place.
This side of the feminine has been denied, as we stick to the cultural myths that women are all loving mothers, wives and friends that exude the love of the Divine Mother over all, and forget the heritage which we have inherited and the terrible truth of the power of the Dark Mother, and her ability to wield suffering in hidden ways!
At this moment in time, all of us have the opportunity to forgive the Divine Masculine, whether we are male or female.
All of us have lived through the Piscean Age in forms of male and female, and so in truth we are forgiving ourselves for our ability to make someone ‘the other’ and then punish it for its perceived wrongdoing!
This is the truth, that in transgressing against others we transgress against ourselves.
That in holding forgiveness from others, we keep forgiveness from ourself and keep ourself in a state of separation consciousness instead of unity consciousness.
There is no other, only ourselves, which is all one and all God!
If you made a mistake, would you want to be forgiven for it, and given the opportunity to find out why you made that mistake and what you can learn from it?
Or would you want to be blamed, and told what an evil monster you were?!!
Every time we blame someone, we make them other from ourSelves, we are denying that we are all one and part of the same Divine consciousness.
When we refuse love in our hearts for others, and refuse to make a bid for understanding, then this is what we are doing to ourselves, and so the cycle of hurt and blame and accusation continues.
What can be done then?
Firstly, we can set an intent for forgiveness,
‘And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you’ (Ephesians 4:32)
In that intent, we can remember that we are all one, aspects of the Godhead and that if someone is transgressing against us with what seems like deliberate intent, then they are unable to remember this divine truth.
‘Father forgive them, for they know not what they do’ shows the Christ Jesus’s intent for forgiveness, even as he was being physically tortured, dying and in terrible pain on the cross.
This then we can emulate, though our brother and sister gives us pain in what they do, we can still seek forgiveness for them in our hearts, and keep looking for it there.
This practice can with discipline be continued until we find forgiveness there, because it is there, because we are God, and all that is within God is within us.
God forgives us for every second of every day, the flow of forgiveness is neverending and absolute. In this forgiveness so can we flourish and prosper and become our true Selves, knowing ourSelves as Christ.
I am Sarah, holding the Christlight for the Age of Aquarius."

In this age can we learn to manifest the flow of forgiveness for each other, so we can help each other to live in the flow of forgiveness and manifest the beauty of our Divinity here on the earth."
Ascended Master Sarah channeled through Rachel Goodwin. Sarah’s love and light has come to be with us here on the earth, settling into the physical and etheric planes so that she is with us here in presence and consciousness.

** there is a lot you can do to bring yourself energetically into alignment with the divine feminine and masculine by working with these powerful symbols!

*** this is the link to the original Violet Flame Spiral Activation in Glastonbury, which you can still connect to now!


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