Sarahs flame is coming upon the Earth

'Welcome I am Sarah. My flame is soon to be birthed upon the earth, but until that time you can start to ‘pull it in’ through me, through my presence, I am a portal. Once the flame is present upon the earth, it will be grounded here, just as the Magdalene flame and the Christ flame are. 2023 has been hailed as an important date in terms of the ‘Ascension calendar’ and indeed, my flame will be present on the earth by then. But it is going to take some work! Always, your presence must be involved (by this I mean the physical presence of humanity.) You have underestimated your capabilities. In the times ahead, you receive a much clearer vision of you are, and what you are capable of. Currently, you see yourself as being the centre of many divine forces, as orchestrating this in part, in alignment with the divine will, and this is true, and yet you are more than that. These things are not available to your understanding until you have passed a certain level of ego structure. When you come into a place of being able to be of service, (and by this I do not mean, coming from a place of sacrificing yourself to others, I mean being able to stand from a place of strength, balance and self-love and then sharing what you have with others,) then you are able to see your true ability to shape and create the world around you.

For now, let me share some information about my flame. I am the ‘result’ of the sacred marriage – when the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine come together, I am born, and yet I am greater than the sum of my parts. I am oneness, I am unity, I am something that existed before polarity, I am something that is older, and came before the masculine and the feminine. I am the Divine remembering itself, I am ancient. 

All this is a paradox, because in ‘human terms’ I came after the divine masculine and the divine feminine on the storyline of the ‘holy family’, and yet this energy has been present on the earth plane before, this energy of oneness that I embody. This energy was present in the times of Lemuria, but at a time when matter was not so dense but was much more loose and pliable and less solid. 

Now this level of energy is returning to earth, returning to humanity as a level of consciousness. You cannot embody this oneness vibration in your physical bodies just yet (because it is too far down into density) – yet it can affect it, bring about healing, & cause a raising of vibration nonetheless. But your consciousness, which resides in planes above that of the physical, (yet whilst retaining its connection to it) is able to rest at this level of vibration, and it is to your consciousness now that I speak, it is to your consciousness now that I send my message of connection to this energy of mine, to my flame. Concentrate on the flame**, rest your mind upon it in meditation. Immerse yourself in it, & ask me to plunge your whole being into it, and sit and imagine you are breathing it in and out. 

I am Sarah and this simple practice will do more that you know. I am Sarah and my blessing is upon you this day, Blessed be, Blessed be, Blessed be, Amen.'

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